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Welcome to the Imperial Order Tactical Office. I am the Commander of the Imperial Star Destroyer Lightning, and oversee the operations and security of the Kuat Drive Yards. The Tactical Office is headquartered onboard the ISD Lightning and has offices on the SSD Executor II and Platform Aurabesh.

As Tactical Officer, I work with the Emperor Larsen, and the other members of the High Command in the plotting of Imperial Order Battles, the selection of mission objectives, and the deployment of forces. I am responsible for maintaining the Imperial Order's Fleet Roster and and together with the Logistic Officers the construction of new vessels at Kuat Drive Yards as existing vessels are destroyed and as the Imperial Order gains control over more and more systems and resources.

I am also responsible for the evaluation of all "unofficial" missions, battles, and levels created by the members of the Imperial Order, and I report the reviews of these to the Fleet Commander. Members should submit their ideas for missions, battles, and levels to the Tactical Office before their construction begins. This is to avoid the possibility of a piece of work being denied acceptance due to a conflict with the Imperial Order's official objectives and story line. All missions, battles, and levels must be approved by the Tactical Office and the Fleet Commander prior to their inclusion in the Imperial Order's File Archive or the Treatise Imperialis. Please send all ideas and missions to the Head Assistant Rear Admiral Snailman and a copy to the Fleet Command.

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